Friday, April 20, 2012

◂〉◂〉◂〉 ◂BOTTLES OF LIGHT◂〈◂〈◂〈◂

I am honored to be sharing in this creation with such a magical spirit                                                              〉〉PENABRANCA〈〈  
       On this Earth Day weekend, we present to you  the beautiful
                              〉〉 BOTTLES OF LIGHT〈〈    ~ with Amazonite Crystals
Coming to ETSY on New Moon Monday.


Alice {the CosmicCollage} said...

Those are beautiful!! What a wonderful collaboration! xoxo

Meegs said...


⟁ Prism Of Threads ⟁ said...

Amy, they are so gorgeous! What a beautiful collaboration! XOXO

suzannah said...

This just went to the top of my Facebook! Love. Light. Amazing.